Monday, January 25, 2010


With a herding dog and a hyperactive kid, this is as good as it gets. The usual is Stella running in circles around the house with Lola running in circles around her,.....kinda like the Earth, moon , sun relationship,... with the orbit being an 800 square foot beauty of a palace divided into four equally original rooms and connected by a never ending system of doorways. Dog chews on Stella,...Stella chews dog back,.....Dog yipes,....Stella cries,....Dog sleeps,...Stella steamrolls and pounces! I almost feel sorry for the dog. She gets home,...after a 4 hour hike,....all she wants to do is sleep,...kinda like her owner,....what do they say about that?,...and some kid decides to hop like a frog off the bed and land on a thick, cushiony, coat of fur! This is the closest you can get to a nervous breakdown without actually going there.
In all honesty, it's been a lot of fun. All we need now is a second kid to throw into the mix.

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Nevada said...

Very cute picture.