Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So I'm looking around on Google Earth,....And like everybody, I found my house,....NOT the one in the picture! That's Jack's dad's place right next door. So I think to my self,...what the hell are all those cars doing there,.....why are there so many cars parked behind his shop and garage??? So I look a little closer. I notice there is a little table on the patio out back with a tent set up in the yard,....I notice the dogwood where Jack and I were photographed was in full bloom,....why are there chairs set up in the yard??, ....but the really crazy thing is, I notice people standing under the trellis on the side of the house,....where B and Lauren told there parents they were going to be grandparents. This was our wedding day,....April 21, 2007. Quite the coincidence.


brett said...

cool. our house isn't on google earth. just shows uninterrupted forest.

Tomi said...

hah, that's pretty cool.

Nevada said...

Wow, what are the chances of that!