Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Sweet Ride.

It was fun having the Southern Gas train through the woods. It was interesting to see the difference between those that pump,...and those that do not. Buck gained speed on every corner.
That trail is in pretty sweet condition right now....7 miles from the top to the bottom of Sucker Punch,....but not for people who don't like to pedal.
That photo brings back many memories. Taken January 10, 2010, It was just after the first of 3 very significant storms. Although like any trail, it had to be ridden in, Most of the trail's compression came from skiing it during the blizzards that were to come in February. With one long warm rain in March, all the snow disappeared, literally overnight, and the riding season began. What a great year to be out of doors in the Mee-Show

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