Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good Day

Two Days

4 Seconds
2 day's of work, 4 seconds worth of riding and I enjoyed every minute of it. I heard someone on the ride yesterday,...El Presidente, give Greg what I believe to be his first thank you for the stone work done on Tumbling Run.
We made use of that work yesterday,....35 on the ticker with 4 grand going up. Greg suffered through the whole thing.  His attitude never changed throughout the whole slum fest,...not even on the very last climb back to the top of New Baltimore,...done at the end of 5 hours worth of riding,...with a totally flat tire.
Many good, long stretches of single track were hit. Blue blaze,...out and back,....4 logs,...up and down,...Tumblin' Run to Spooge, and SG to SP, both 7 mile combinations.
A good day in the saddle.


BUCK said...

Let me be the second, THANK YOU. You are a couple-o-bad muthas.

Greg said...

Thanks guys! It was a blast! And thank you to Lars for the acknowledgment of our handy work. It's always worth the sore hands and arms moving the big stuff when I get to see people rolling along over it with a smile on their face!!!