Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yoga Failure

How can I be so bad at something,......I mean,...I'm a Cupcake for Christ's sake!
"Leeeeeaaaaaaaaannnnn down,.....Toooouuccccccchhhhh the floor."
I can't.
"Beeeeeeennnnnd your knees, just a little if you need to."
At this point I feel like I'm squatting,....finger tips barely in contact with the floor.
"Okay lie on your back, your right foot across your left thigh,....lift your left thigh until you get a good stretch."
I'm confused,...between my bad hearing and the need for repetition,.... I'm lost. I begin chuckling to myself, I always do when I 'm underachieving.
I feel a little self conscious,....I'm wanting to blurt out,..."Hey,....can you repeat that??"
The weird music,....for a redneck like myself,..... combined with  everyone's meditative state,.... a state that I should be sharing,...keeps me from doing this.
I remove myself from the situation.

Never one for being a perfectionist with lingo,...I believe single speeders always say "Bring watch'ya got."
I love that statement because it says so much. In my mind, usually different from most, it means:
  • Do the best you can.
  • As Doc would do, take advice but dismiss it quickly if it doesn't work for you.
  • Last but not least, ain't about you! It's about the people you are with and how they make you feel! I like to ride bikes with the Cakes. I like the Wednesday afternoon yoga session with my faculty. I need to do my part and support it any way I can.
  • I ain't got much in the way of yoga. But I'll bring what I got!
Cheers to being bad,....but interested, in something. I believe that is called cross-training?
You won't see me in the woods,...cause I'm in Stealth mode Finney!

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C said...

LOVE this post!!