Thursday, November 3, 2011

My first Parent Conference, a Parent.

I drive, the glass half empty tweaks my mind:
  • Gosh,...does she pound her head on the floor when she gets frustrated?
  • Does she ask the the teacher to apologize when she is the one who has done something wrong?
  • Does she have manners??
    • I'd like to think I'm an okay guy,.... but do I have manners?
Holy s@@t do I have manners??....I start to wonder....
  • She probably eats standing up, over a sink built down to her height.
  • If she does actually use a plate, does she make use of the "Shovel Finger?"
  • She probably keeps the door open to the poddy so she can have conversations with people in other rooms.
  • She probably props her feet up as she cracks open a few cans of apple juice.
  • She probably tells tales that are for the most part, slightly based on a true story.
  • She probably loves to rip things apart,...and leave it that way.
I pull into the parking lot, now half full:
  • What a cool bus,....Who painted that thing???....Snoopy in the driver's seat?
  • What a great place,...rooms decorated neatly and organized to boot!
  • What a great teacher,...a portfolio showing progress,...where she started, where she is....
  • What a great kid. As is usually the case, what has been emphasized and taught at home, has actually transcended upon my kid. Have to give props to the mother.
Her first official chore:
 I had the best egg sandwich of my life this mornin',....on homemade bread that Stell was somewhat responsible for,.....Seems it could be a weekly thing......Egg, Old Bay, olive oil,...thrown down on homemade bread?.... Your choice of condiment?...With strong, black, coffee??.....followed by a nice 45 minute bike commute,......

Cheers to the people working hard with kids.


Nevada said...

My wife and I got a good laugh out of this! So true!

Jackie said...

Why thanks for the props. BTW, when I dropped her off yesterday, she headed straight for the bathroom and I looked over and there she was on the toilet, with the door wide open! I went over to close it and she adamantly nodded her head 'no!'. So there ya go :)