Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exponential Curve

I rode Mackey tonight with hands loose on the grips for the first time this season,....same touch downs as before,  but this marks the beginning of an exponential curve for my seasonal riding skills.
I am wanting to make it faster,...yeah I said that,...faster,....but same difficulty overall,...rerouting coming sometime this year.
I also rode Side Winder again, the trail,  but found myself wanting to carve the turns and therefore easily cutting the corners. Side Winder has got some potential,...but it ain't mine.
That being said, Rattle Dick is the same way. Overall,...I like it, but it needs tweaked.
As for Virginia,...I wouldn't say it needs reworked, but alternative lines, as what was actually planned, should start popping up this season as well.
How did I go from:
"We need a trail here."
"I Love this trail."
"It wouldn't take much to make it a whole lot better."
"I missed some things."
Must be the curse of Curt Finicky. Always ask for that second opinion. That being said again, seems one never knows until it is done and worn in.
Not too many tracks out there in Southy yet, with the exception of a die-hard equestrian.
Be seeing you at the Mackey/Virginia overlook,


T said...

Have at on SideWinder! If you have the time to improve the lines do it. No ownership issues here.

Tractor said...

T, I love that trail! Although I had to lay down and cry for awhile after ramming the kneecap on that big rock move. Sometimes love hurts!