Monday, April 4, 2011

Being a Cupcake.....

Well, pretty hilarious.
I remember sittin' outside the Little Grill in the 'Burg, locked in a car with Pedro, Reuben, and myself, a heated debate,....over soy milk!...Each of us wanting a different flavor of course, but nobody really conceding.
Joel and the Worm stand outside the car,...befuddled with what they are seeing,...and hearing....
They peer in the car, unnoticed buy us,...too busy solving world problems,....and they casually state,...
"You guys really are a bunch of Cupcakes!"
They walk away.
I think we all stopped for a moment, watched them take a few steps,...dead quiet, and then immediately returned to our debate on the trip to the grocery store and what kind of soy milk we would be exiting with!
Now that wasn't how we got the name,...but I think it was our defining moment.
You see,....that trip to the store is exactly what our Sunday ride is like.
It usually starts with one guy messin' up in a tech section,....followed by the next guy runnin' directly into him, and then the third guy after that.  Not much for giving space,...we haven't learned anything by riding with each other for the past 15 years.
Now see there,...that allows for plenty of opportunity to debate about who's fault it was, always done in the kindest of manners and softest of voices that we Cupcakes are known for.

Believe it or not, what I am actually trying to say, is that it was an awesome ride. The New Wildcat, Abby, down and around the dried up res., up the new,...well,...we'll just call it the "P" trail, Lollipop,
Camps, and then the lot for beverages.
Lots of good trains,...and a lot of opportunity to debate about the flavors of soy milk.


brett said...

whatchu think of the cat's meow?

camps said...

how bout Pedro's heroic ridge to ridge dash w/ no pedal to catch back up to our asses

BUCK said...

I rode those new trails today in the other direction, MEOW!

Tractor said...

Me likey,likey,likey. Can't wait for all those 500g tires to hit it in the summertime race!