Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pedro's Move.

 So,..I'm following Pedro on a descent, I always do, and we're headin' down the trail that gave the Cupcakes the biggest smiles during that time period. We hit the hottest part of the trail,...speeds pick up,... smiles hit their apex,... and the pecking order is about to be established. One last obstacle,... not planned at all,... a leaning tree, just above handle bar height, coming at us at warp speed, Pedro unclips his right foot, lifts it over his saddle and behind his left leg; shifting hold from his right hand grip to the saddle. His bike leans to the right, counter-balanced by him leaning back and to the left forming a perfect "V" as he slips under the tree at 20mph. Right leg swings back over the saddle and we fly out the exit of Spooge.
So why should I bring this up now??? Seems I was on that same trail today,....doin' one helluvan' old school cherry pick ride on some of our favorite old school trails. I remember that day well,....and there I am,.....the same place at another date and time, and there is another leaning tree! I swing my leg over the saddle and cruise right through!
You see, wasn't the technical difficulty of the move that made it so amazing. It was the spontaneity that made it so worth while. So few riders have that. I wish I did,...but that's why they call me the Tractor.
Need a test for ADHD,...follow someone like Pedro, Buck, or Harlan,...see if you can still ride your own lines.
As for the old school cherry pick, I hit Rocky Ridge, Stick, all three Stooges, Four Log, Turtle, Lower Buckets, and of course Spooge. Beautiful. Just scouting for the Buck and Tractor Ride.

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Buck said...

With more than just you and I on this tour this year I move to call it Travfes, or add everybody's name.