Saturday, April 10, 2010

A 'Recovering Skinhead' On Leaving Hatred Behind

I listened to a very powerful podcast the other day on NPR. Anyone that deals with kids, has a passion for sport, and believes that anybody can change for the better would enjoy it. It is very racy, so if you are not tolerant of that sort of thing, please don't listen.
There were a few things that stood out to me in this interview.
  • The age at which he was easily influenced.
  • The need for people to do something good for someone else, without seeking a reward.
  • How kids will make you honest, and break you down real easily. 
  • How sport can break any societal barriers. 

 Take 33 minutes and 9 seconds and listen to it,....but if you lack an attention span, start it at 15 minutes and 5 seconds. That was enough for me to sit in a parking lot until it was finished!


studawg said...

Frank spoke at our school and I had a chance to sit with him for a couple of hours to talk about his life. He is an incredible human being in that he became the change he wanted to see.

Travis said...

Man,...that's awesome,what did the kids think?

studawg said...

Kids loved him. He did a Q & A with the whole student body and the questions were really good. I am anxious to read the book. I heard the interview on my way home from work and appreciate you posting this. By the way, I think I might love Terry Gross.

Anonymous said...

Travis- I had a few minutes with Frank when he came to our school for the second time. Seemed like a pretty cool guy. Hard life....

Nice pics of JakeFest. One of these days I will beat you at something!

prophet said...

Powerful stuff! I really enjoyed that podcast. Listen to NPR all the time but missed this one.

It is amazing how one incorrect assumption in a person's life can lead them down the wrong road. My boys are 13 and 10 and I've been telling them for years that the decisions they make even now are important and that they need to decide who they want to be and make the right decisions.