Monday, April 12, 2010

The Goods in the Woods.

Two hot laps on Oak and Southern Gas, and the line is becoming slightly more chafed and visible,....not so sure I know what to think about the visibility part, chafing tends to draw attention to oneself,...but the trail is about ready to turn from dead brown to living green as the fiddle heads are uncurling themselves like RuPaul with a hard-on. It will look totally different in a few weeks.

That trail combo has got that same roll as SuckerPunch with equivalent speeds, some off-camber like Larry of the Stooges along the East Branch of Antietem, some tight turns reminiscent of the newbie Side Winder, some huge sweeping switchbacks that has you picking up speed at 9.8 meters per second squared, a few optional boulder moves giving a bit of freedom of choice, and just a couple hundred feet of shark fin techy stuff,..attempt at your own risk. And there you have it!,... 4 and one half miles of the fastest moving trail in Southy,..we needed a little more distance divided by a smaller amount time on that side of Cold Spring.But did I mention the trail is bisexual??? Try it both ways.
But that ain't all, seems the MBMer's got out for some Southern Trail Maintenance,...good on them! That's awesome. I look forward to keeping my mouth shut, and joining in on the fun because we need more of it from everybody.
On a bad note, it seems they are also dealing with some "Mouse" issues, know, the critters that talk with their tongue between their teeth,... and it seems they are taking a vote on it. My best of both worlds view is simply delete comments you don't want, keep the ones you do!,....but to the "Mouse",...put your name on it or just be quiet,....but then again, I lost my lifetime membership awhile ago, so nobody really cares about my humble opinion.

To the main feature of the weekend,.....Man Camp! I arrived just in time for the bike jousting that featured two brothers kicking the shit out of each other, a Pedro/Tractor rematch that saw the non-innocent bystanders win,

and Jake,....Ooooooohhhh yes,.... Jakey-Pooh,.... succeed once again, to take himself out of the picture!

Other highlights were Campfire Jenga, a twenty person night hike to the top of Tumbling Run,... half of us without lights,... and myself trying to tail El Presidente' who happened to be in extremely rare form, ......two good "Sweats",..... and as always, a great ride with the 'Cakes,... one that included Shiny Hiney Colgan,...we all miss him dearly! Did I ever mention what good people make up the Cup Cake Clan? But as nice as they are, bring your meat if you ride with them. I forgot mine and was sent home two hours into the ride with my tail between my legs!
Anyhow, a great weekend with good things happening and much more to come!

See you in the woods.


Jacob said...

What a great weekend! I have the bruises and black eye to prove it.

Travis said...

Jacob, we are really looking forward to the wedding!
Good luck explaining the black eye!

camps said...

We do miss Shiney