Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Dog.

Well, since I couldn't seem to make it past 10 on New Years Eve, I thought I would practice staying awake by taking the new pup outside at 2 in the a.m. every mornin' so she could use her privy. "She walks like a woman and talks like a man,"....That fierce predator in the pic above is Lola,...L-o-l-a, our second child. Obviously Jack didn't like the names I came up with;
  1. Dickie,....after the fake turtle neck worn underneath velour V-neck sweaters. I only know because my mom made me wear one.
  2. Chicken,...after the dirty bird.
  3. Booty... after the slang name for climbing gear.
I never win.


Nevada said...

I thought the names you came up with were fun. My wife vetoes similar names I have suggested.
Cute dog!

Travis said...

Every time I think about callin' my dog "Dickie", I just like the name more and more.

Travis said...

Hey, is you place right on the way to Blue Ridge Summit?

brett said...

what's another word for pirate treasure?

why, i think it's "booty." that's what it is.

Travis said...

See, a woman's mind is always in the gutter,...I sure hope my wife doesn't read this.

Nevada said...

Yep, leave it up to the fairer sex to take an "innocent" name and twist it.
Does who live near Blue Ridge Summit? Dickie?
Cause it is not me.

Todd said...

Good looking pup there Travis. What breed is she?

Travis said...
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Travis said...

She is an Australian Shepherd. She seems to be a really good dog and learning fast. At this point she isn't obsessed with our chickens or cars either so she should work out fairly well.