Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Year Gone By.

(This one is McMillars)
The Market.
Side Winder. A nice new edition.
The Garden.
Prepared for the night hike to Pap-Pap's for dinner.
The right design for the job.
New things to come.
My God sons Sam and Henry.

New Years fireworks in the ADK's.
Getting so independent.
A warm October.
Frank's Line.
Fresh Veggies.
Myong doing the job.
Just Funny.
Stella's tepee
Jack and Stella.

More Garden Shots.
Henry's infatuation with heavy equipment.
Was he drinking when he made this?
Gone. As useless as a cyclocross bike.
She is getting big.


camps said...
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Travis said...
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Travis said...

Buck calls me the comment sanitizer.

Todd said...

Hey, I like my cyclocross bike.

Travis said...

I like mine too! It's just that every time I'm on it, I feel like I could go faster on something else!

brett said...

hey, i was accused of the same thing by darius. i think he ignores my blog now out of spite.

nice pics and recap--i wish i had the ambition to sort through my stuff from last year and do the same thing.