Sunday, October 4, 2009

Helping Out.

We had a good day. Stella had a really fun time playing with Jacob and Evelyn at the market. They were down on the dock, stomping in water puddles, playing peekaboo, and without any warning at all, stage diving off the edge, some 4 feet from the ground. She even managed to make it past lunch time without the inevitable temper tantrums of a tired kid. That gave us some family time at Salsa Rita's for a chicken taco and then home for a nap.
Mom joins Stella and I get the "itch" as some mouse refers to it. So, off to the mountains for a quick jaunt. Back to the purpose of the post, Stella is turning into a great helper and it makes for more good family time. She organized and helped carry all of the Trickling Spring returnables, combined veggies into a single cooler, and helped mom pick some fresh raspberries. Dad meanwhile, did what dad's do. He had a few Loose Cannons, snapped a few pics, and picked up anything too heavy for Stella.

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