Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Happy Day!

What a great day, complete with sunshine and everything. I had the idea of taking my typical two hour ride,...a little Virginia, ...a wholotta' Mackey and let my outta shape legs decide how far I go after that. I had pretty much unlimited time.
But it's just amazing , how on those few occasions, when I can't make the Cupcake rides, I can still manage to hookup with people,.....even in Southy. A quick trip down through Virginia, including "Frank's Line" finally, and I am making yet another attempt to clean Mackey. Well, there is one more obstacle in there now, and the trail has just gotten a bit harder. Four dabs later, I run into a bunch of old friends. I give my buddy Mclean a long hug, another hug, a kiss, a hug, and he slaps one on me as well. Sound like a familiar cowboy movie?? What a great guy. We learned, taught, commuted, and partied together for years. But then their was Colgiano as well, Shiny Colgan, a Cupcake that I haven't seen in the woods for a long time, and although he wasn't trying to clean everything out there, you could see, he had a little time on his hands and was going to use every last bit of it. Stas,.....he was hilarious, I didn't get a hello, just a good cussing out about all the rocks and a pointed finger slightly down slope to smoother terrain. Yes,...Just like I blame Pedro for every flare-up I have, everybody else blames me for Mackey,..I think I can live with that Tito.
Well, we part ways but Shiny's got a few extra minutes he needs to use up. He hasn't seen Virginia before so I take him back through. And you know what he likes the most??...The view, the people, and the unweighted place it takes him. But that's all the time he has. He takes off and that leaves me at the entrance of Mackey once again.
Another 4 dab lap through and I end up on the tail end of the old legends. Seems they were back to try and find the loop again. I rode the typical stuff. Rattle Dick, SW, RD Chute, and last but not least Sucker Punch. Its always fun ending like that,...high speed flow down to the bottom, coming out at the yellow gate, turn around and everybody is smiling. A quick tap of the fists, goodbyes, and a nice long spin back up to the car, four hours later, totally and completely bonked. I got home just in time for a nap with Stella. A perfect day.


Todd said...

"Frank's Line"? Is that named after a certain southern visitor?

Sounds like a great day! We had a similar day in the Shed. Good friends, great trails and perfect weather. It just doesn't get any better.

BTW, I really enjoyed your last couple posts. Spot on.

Travis said...

Yeah, lucky him. Is he riding again yet? I have been scared to death of that line even though it isn't too bad. I just don't like the landing if you go over the bars. MBMer's would be proud. Some of them cleaned it,from what I heard,way before I did.

studawg said...

I think I may have pinched your ass through the spandex too... You forgot to mention that. Poor Dela was so sore. She collapsed in the car before we left the parking lot. Stas - what a riot. I loved whatever it was we were riding. I don't know any names - but need to learn 'em. Colgan and I were having a blast. I plan on getting on that again Wednesday night! It was really great to see you. I know that when I get back to the car and ask Stas if he brought the beer and he says, "I left at 8 AM - I wasn't thinking about beer...," I was in the shit. Had to wait until I got home and cracked an Octoberfest. Delicious! Hope ya'll suckas had fun at the full moon party.

brett said...

i concur with todd.

Todd said...

He rode last Thursday and had a tough time. He decided to rest the ribs a couple more weeks. He got pretty busted up without actually breaking anything.

Travis said...

My wife has a recipe for some stuff that looks just like ground up wet horse poop. Comfrey?? She would put this stuff on my ribs at night and I can't believe I am saying this, but I swear up and down it helped! The only problem is, as she is spreading this horse poop all over me, we are both laughing hysterically! That hurt worse than the actual fall.