Monday, July 7, 2014

Vive Le Tour

....found that pain cave....again. Same as last year.
The bike and fancy new fork?...I'd put it up against anybody going across a ridgeline....nobody coming down off the ridgeline. The Fitty was definitely made for Michaux, not big mountain descents.
Pretty cool watching Tim clean that climb, makes me want gears again. That guy can ride a bike.
5 pounds lighter this morning...haven't Pee'd yet...look somewhat like a raisin...that can't be good.
Cheers to the young..ger cakes pullin' off the Full Pull in style...Cheers to Winky and I...having more sense than that! Chuckled about that the whole way to Edinburg...and back.
Cheers to Ho' and the Big D for finally venturing down with us....gettin' some Va. culture.
Thought about the Superstar out there....quite a bit. Put things in perspective for me....get down the mountain safe and home to the the heroics for the young boys still dreaming of being World Champions.
Little Carp did her first Full Pull....Hayden Elicker will be there in no time.
Next year....20th anniversary. I'd have to say I'm in! That'll give me a whole 'nother  year to come to my senses.

Vive Le tour.

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