Monday, July 21, 2014

Nutter Butters to the Rescue

Kind of a funny ride....everybody reaching a point of delirium at some time or another....interesting data if you click on the details....anytime there was a straight drop off in any of the graphs....well...they represent Buck's flats....Actually there were a lot more breakages and adjustments than that. The break point came at Old Forge...the second time around. Dustonium wasn't feelin' the love and had turned towards the Teaberry lot to get back to the playhouse, Reub and Rich chose that path as well, via Southern Gas and beginner trails. The rest of us chose the original plan of Virginia, Mackey, SP, and back over Snowy mountain, retracing steps.....Once again....The break Old Forge...the second time around....out of food...Buck and Tomi foraging for wine berries...everybody is running on vapors at this point....I gotta have something...reach deep down in my sack...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose....I win...two packs of Nutter Butters hidden under my tubes...spread amongst the final five...fuel to get us home and back to beers.
MBM'ers were lucky we didn't stumble into 'em at the bottom of Old Forge....otherwise they were gonna' get the most pathetic display of public begging and mooching ever to take place in many cupcakes can you fit in Scott Hughey's Van?...In this would have been 5!

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