Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mackey is Clear...

...for the most part. Still one bad but brief section....the last hard move on the trail. It needs some tracks from some bold individuals. Overall the trail should be quite a bit easier....yes easier. Although for the most part, it follows the original line, there is no more drifting down off the ridge. The one exception to "easier" is Larry's know the one...remember that one?...The one that showed our Michauxslovakian love for online fighting? Back to the point, the moves on Larry's line have never been that hard, just sequential. Well, there are no fewer than five new moves added on to that favorite challenge in the woods.
....Speaking of Lars, he sent me this great news after weed-whacking trail all day...a couple miles worth.
...probably within the fences out there but who knows....Mackey will always be hidden out there.
And by the way....I put this segment onto Strava the right way....stopping right before Mackey you can sit and have a pre-stashed cold one before moving on....funny it is.
....going to go see how it's riding this mornin'.

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