Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chillaxing is what I think they call it.

Good for the soul but bad for the vices. Stell spent a good majority of the day cooking up concoctions she won't taste...but forces it upon everybody else. Yesterday was a pool of olive oil in a cast iron skillet, with onion, zucchini, and a jalapeno floating on top....and... a small salt mound to add a bit of flavor ta' boot! Now I like the stuff....but it was almost at the point...almost...where I wouldn't eat it. Thankfully....she was targeting her Uncle Mark with that treat.  The ingredients were all grown the best ways possible. The zucchini was free range...they grow all over the place. The olive oil was organic....but if you listened to any of the NPR segments on this fine fruit (olea europaea), you know we truly don't get the good stuff.....and by the way.... the salt was gluten free!
Slap a sticker on mind is leaving me....getting to be that age.

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