Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Morning Routine

One's in a princess outfit licking syrup off her dress from her customary Saturday morning hotcakes. Stell shifts her attention to the excess on her plate, her blonde hair saturated in the Western Pa, maple sweetness....The plate looks as good as new before she is done....She does manage to slide THE Monster a few pieces. Liz likes to pet the dog while eating her hotcakes and syrup with her hands....You could imagine what that looks like....Of course she spits it all out on the floor....the hotcakes that is, and continues to devour the dog hair. This makes Lola happy....groomed and fed all at once....Seems to make Lizzy equally happy.
Lizz is done eating now...prances upstairs and pulls all of Stell's clothes out of the drawer and off the floor and carries them back down....a few articles at a time....just to throw them in the middle of the living room...No real point to it...This makes Stell's room "clean"...the only room in the house to get that rating.
Liz asks for a drink....she likes to inspect from her stool at the kitchen counter...She manages to throw two full cups of chocolate milk on the floor  before I get it right......
My tits in a wringer...At 44, they're not the pecks they used to be.....easily caught and often aggravated.
It's lunch now...I make her some macs and cheese hoping to put her under....she doesn't go for it. She poops and asks for a wiping....and then a warm bath.
I'm chuckling at this point. Old Roy would have called her her out as being "spoiled"......seems to me she is simply getting everything she wants out of life. That being said....Old Roy would have cracked their skinny little asses 10 times by eight o'clock if he was the paternal figure of the house.
Here is a picture of my two lovely girls, tarred and feathered together with maple syrup, a coat of Lola, and a peacock feather to boot.


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