Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fat Boy in a Red Miata

....goes driving by....shirt off.....tosses a plastic carton out the window....filled with urine. Of course the next truck that goes driving by flattens it....sending shit flying everywhere.....I shake my head in disgust....about the the location of my humble abode.....grab Lizzy out of the truck and go get a glass of boxed wine....I'm a redneck and I don't even do that!
I wake up the next morning to grey skies......and an empty plastic carton lying in the lawn.....guess I gotta' go pick that up.....It's gonna be a great day.
Can't wait for Sunday to get here!


BUCK said...

It looks like a roofer slipped and is hanging by the gutter.

How poetic.

Tractor said...

That's what I feel like right now!

Henry Jordan said...

I liked this humorous article. I was having a bad day at the construction site whole day. Now it's night and I'm watching these videos on this blog. Pretty cool. Made me feel happy!

Best regards,
Henry jordan
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