Monday, October 1, 2012

Why I like this shot so much.

Churtle struggled with this section....for a while now. But as she says.....when you pin on a number, it's like flicking a switch....for me, and apparently for her as well, that switch says "Yes I can."
Although she didn't clean the whole section, she got the part that made her hesitate. It was cool to watch.....kinda like watchin' the Mule hoot and holler after realizing he kicked some serious Cupcake butt down Spooge at the last TSMBR.
Positive vibes as the last real race of the season happens this Saturday night.

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Cheryl Sornson aka Churtle Le Turtle said...

awww, thanks Travis. It was great to have you at that spot. I was so stoked to clean the hard part, that I f'd up the easiers section. I did't care a bit!