Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You see it all started with Manny....

The infamous Manny
Manny WAS part of the 10 milers,
BUT.....he went the wrong way.
"You Manny?"
"Yes Sir."
I chuckle.
"You like Pop Tarts?"
"Only Smores."
"I've got brown sugar and cinnamon...pretty similar."
"Okay....I'll try some."
"Need some water?"
"No I'm good."
"Been out here awhile."
"Yeah.... A guy on a motorcycle told me to go out to the road and go left....but I saw this trail...and it just felt right!"
"Yeah man....I know that feeling."



BUCK said...

with that smart phone how could he get lost like that

Tractor said...

It ain't that smart.