Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Saturday Afternoon Front.

Stell: "Daaaad.....let's go!'
Tractor:  "No way  Stell. You see those clouds...they're draggin' across the ground. We're going to get hit any second!"
I look up at the top of the Den to see a bunch of kids.....unfazed by the incoming storm.
Tractor: "Stell.....get back in the truck." I say as I shovel Lizzy in the back seat.
"Stell get in the truck!" I say a bit louder."
"Daaaaaaad...we can hide under the know the one...."
"STELLA! Get in the truck right now!"
She jumps in the side as the wall of pouring rain hits us.
The people on top.....they moved.....quickly.
Saturday about 1 in the afternoon.

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