Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heard in the Woods.

Descending Tumblin' Run we passed two riders walking up to the big outcrop at the top. We stopped to chat... always pleasantly surprised to see people on that trail...especially going up that section.
After talking briefly, the guy says...and I quote;
"You guys"....meaning us....."ever think about puttin' in like a 20 mile climb or something?"
We stand there puzzled....
There is me,...who has done way too much trail work to let the "20 mile" part slide.
There is Kent,...who has done way too much downhill racing and race planning to not notice.
There is Nate,....a pro snowboarder who probably puts everything in the perspective of vertical gain/loss to be passive about the "20 mile" comment.
And then there is Greg,....who breaks everything down to a molecular level and enjoys explaining how things work.
"Have you climbed Southern Gas? It's 5 miles but if you need something more you can add Sucker Punch to it. That's 7 miles." I say as a friendly suggestion...
" No, I mean something like 20 miles long."
Every wrinkle in my forehead shows.....I'm puzzled.....I scratch my brains....we ride away....comments begin to flow.


BUCK said...

Maybe they spoke with sarcasm??

Maybe they are harder than you??

Tractor said...

I didn't sense any sorta' sarcasm at all. That was the weirdest part. They Gotta'be way harder than me!