Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Honey Hole,...Miscellaneous Ramblings.

 It's amazing,...October 28,... forecasters say "Game On!" Five inches,..... five or more,...four to six,....six to ten,...four to eight,...eight to ten?? Who knows. But I love that "Honey Hole." Hopefully this doesn't have a derogatory meaning but I tried not to look it up on the Urban Dictionary because I just knew it would have something to say about the slang version of this phrase.
B would always take me fishin',.....never about him though, always about me. Knowing my abilities as a line tangler,...and my lack of stealth moves,...he's used to me standing straight and tall on the Ausable,...hollerin' sumpthin' like "Hey, didn't bring Corona did ya'??" as he would chuckle and grin behind his polarized Natives,...watching the rainbows swim away.  Therefore, he would always set me up at the "Honey Holes".....The place where you are guaranteed to catch a fish, if not the lunker of your dreams...that is of course,...unless you are me.

Back to the Point:
I showed my class the "Honey Hole" yesterday,...although I didn't use that term. It's the spot that surrounds the Panhandle of Texas.... See snow there,...or a mid-latitude cyclone with temperatures starting to fall,... and you have all the ingredients for a storm..."Which is what we have here today"(Cool Hand Luke)
Since: (Beginning of the rambling)
I can't hear anything but can see everything,...according to the machine and the person who runs it...After sending many auditory signals my way, she checked to see if the machine was plugged in at all,...I sat smiling..."Smile and wave boys,....just smile and wave." (Madagascar Penguins)
Anyhow, the world is a pretty remarkable place,....sit and spin it around for awhile. Just look at it! (Google Earth)

You see:
...It's all based on large areas. Be it water or land, the air takes on those properties. That creates an air mass that has strength in numbers,....numbers that relate to its size, its volume,.....that is to say its length x width x height.  But that ain't all. You see,...the air has properties like  humidity, temperature, and pressure that defines it and keeps it from being diluted from adjoining  air masses. You see, it becomes whatever it was above. Tropical waters,...warm and humid,...northern tundra,...cold and dry.  Just like teaching with a plethora of different students that are grouped as homogeneously as possible, the air has a general description that is for the most part,...simply true.
The Neat Part:
They don't necessarily mix,...but they do interact. In a good way. You see,...whether you are the explosive type (cold front) or the type that cooks for awhile (warm front), ...either way creates weather, communication between the two identities. Sometimes it creates a hard storm,...other times slightly longer periods of cloudy weather. However, when it's done, days of clear sunny weather always overcome the region.
What it means to you:
A storm is on it's way.  The first Nor'easter with the three infamous stripes that define the collaboration between air masses. As the low pressure spins off the coast, the north easterly winds will come off the Atlantic producing many types of precip in order from warmest to coldest as the two different air masses come together.  Look for a green swath of rain right at the coast, followed by a pink band of sleet and freezing rain a bit farther inland, and last but not least, the white patch of snow we have all been waiting for. Green, pink, white. Time to say hello to the Old Man,...a nice surprise visit.

The Seasonal "Winter Storm" was stacked by the cases at the local beverage shop. Good timing. Nice coincidence.
See you in the woods.

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jesus Travis. Weather just got deep bro.