Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bikes I'd Like To Break in Michaux. Top 10 List.

I couldn't help myself,.....I'm sorry. I was trying NOT to do another bike oriented photo but after seeing this thing??.....You think Pedro could borrow it for a day? (Chuckle, Chuckle!)
Hell, I haven't even thought about this list yet and know this one is numero uno! Hence the new series,..."Bikes I'd like to break in Michaux." Please let me know. I need a photo and person you would like to see riding it when broken. The trail name that contributes to the breaking would be good too! Please view format below.
Usually you would start at #10 and work your way to #1,...but I just know I'm gonna win!
Bike: The Look, Dipshit Dually. (29er? 26er?...does it really matter?)
Rider: Pedro Salsa Non Grata
Trail: ....Beaver??
Frou-Frou Factor:  Oh,'s soooooo Integrated!
Chuckle, Chuckle.


BUCK said...

it;s aero qualities are impressive, and valuable. Chuckle chuckle.

nathan shearer said...

if you commit, there is no need for standover

Tractor said...

Maybe we could hang it in the woods with antlers on it. Ride it through the Great Plains were it's aero abilities would be greatly appreciated? Tatonka, tatonka.
1. tatonka 83 up, 23 down

Native American for Buffalo. In contemporary American society, word more commonly used to describe a really fat chick.
Q: "What the hell did you go home with last night"?

A: (Embarrassed, holding fingers to head as in horns) "TATONKA"!!!

Tractor said...

Thought that definition was weird.
I ain't never called nobody a buffalo!

jonathan posner said...

how integrated can it be? no internal cable routing="B" class stuff