Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh,....It's Time!

It's time for Teaberry, know,....the race you never really heard of.
Why???,.... it's too damn  hard! The 10  miler is easy enough,... but jump up to the twenty or stand tall for the forty,'s as hard as they come. A line-up of "Old School" classics like Rocky Ridge, Stooges, and Stick, combined with the newbies, Sucker Punch, Southern Gas, Virginia, Side Winder, and Rattle Dick,.....what an epic! With a forecasting of rain, an outlook of gray, only the hard men and women will be there,.... as usual.
This isn't a judgement of fitness, it's a judgement of character, a test of ones rep,...will those sunken eyes still crack a smile at 40??
If I had to make a prediction, it would be a premonition of solid riders, telling stories of the epic they encountered, all the while sharing common hospitalities.

As the Mule says,..."It's all good!"
As the TSMBR taught me,.....the bigger the epic, the better the party!
As Pedro, the drunken finish chute guy would say,...."Bring it!"
As Buck, our SSWC would say,..."I'm gonna' get 40 today"
As Kent would say,.."What do ya' need??"
As Cupcakes would say,..."In!"
A whole years fitness in those legs, but can you still get the hardest race of all??...Whispered about from Davis,WV to Keene Valley, NY. But I doubt you'll see the GIANT boys Tweet about this.
Beat me, brake me, but let me conclude my season on that fucking flake board,....I know I'll be in good company!
PS,.....I forgot to mention Mackey.
Do really you think Teaberry matters??? Just take a look at last years winner,....quietly the fastest man in these woods. I'm thinkin' no matter what place you finish, you might feel the same way.
Original foto by Tomi or Harlan.

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