Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can't Wait.

The 5th Running of the Beers is gonna happen at an undisclosed place at an undisclosed time and it could prove to be the best event in the woods that nobody has ever heard about. Why?
Well, doesn't take place on the trails that it seems only me and very few others enjoy.
Secondly, somebody got their Ho'down on some trail maintenance and with the exception of a few down trees, things will be very good.
Third(ly)...the ride to the trail is the perfect warm-up, the actual run is mint, and the ride back to the venue  with the light from  your own battery and the waxing gibbous moon should be brilliant. Fourth(ly)...The Stone Cabin! As most people would think the night is over, those in the know will be gearing up for the highlight of the evening,...Campfire Jenga! Not something to be taken lightly, individualists look for team support as safety, thought, geometry, and planning unite Cupcakes, MBMers, DFL's, HFL's, BRK's, and any other that dare to show.
Join together...."Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya."

Super Heroes will be in the house
Locals will be out to spoil
Your momma will be home in bed
Your mind will be terribly soiled
At the immensity of "Game On" my friend
Sit in your chair,
Sit and think of those loyal.
Will they make you stand tall young man
Or will they leave you so charbroiled.
So wear a belt and wear it loose
So my friend you will be caught
Don't worry, don't worry about your ass
For Deliverance this is not!

See you there!

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