Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to Normal.

Home from a week in the ADK's,....home,....comfort,...relaxation,....and back to a good diet. They ate nothing but the best, I simply chose to be a glutton. Anyhow back to the normal eating habits of eating good food, the majority of which is either from the garden or traded for something from it.
After we got home, we  managed to catch the edge of a nice storm and enjoyed sitting outside as the temp dropped along with the water along the edge of our shelter.
The climate people say the oceans are back within the normal range but the Earth's prolonged reaction still has the atmosphere lingering with remnants from La Nina. Anyhow, lets hope for good weather to come for the next few years.
If I had a voice like Isaac Hayes, I would give a better introduction to the next artist,.....but I don't.
JJ Grey and Mofro with the time appropriate video of "Pray for Rain.'

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