Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tractor Fuel,...Diesel Only

60% Brown Rice Syrup,...from the nice old man at the natural food store in the 'Burg.
40% Honey,....From Small's Auto Parts in T-Town, his Dad makes it and supplies the area with bees. Bring cash,...he drops it in a can for his pop.
A little Black Strap Molasses,...again from the nice old man at the natural food store in the 'Burg, it's got some potassium in it,...and rednecks don't eat bananas.
A little sea salt.
A full tablespoon of ground and dried bull nuts,...testosterone,...helps with recovery,...just ask Floyd.
A shot of Jack,....Floyd says that will help testosterone levels as well,...again enhancing recovery.
Add a few spoon fulls of warm water. It keeps it from getting stuck in your throat. Gagging while getting dropped from the peleton was never fun for me.

Let me know...

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brett said...

rednecks don't eat bananas but they go to the natural foods store?

wv: suppyg