Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Curse of Dark Hollow Race Report.

Well,...I'd like to report that it was a good day.
I'd like to report that there were a lot of good people.
I'd like to report that I thoroughly enjoyed starting dead last with a Dubya'.
I'd like to report that I was very close to pullin' over at the start and manning the last water stop instead! But seeing 3 locals start last gave me confidence that we knew what was coming and taking the right approach.
I'd like to report that Buck has got the best pace of all,.....cooked and need to chill,...wait and ride with him,......slow and need to speed up,...follow his lines.
I'd like to report that Toph is very fluent on a bike,...we all knew that but I finally got to see it in action.
Speaking of Topher,....I'd like to report that there were several nice trains rollin' on that course!
Flat pedal Nate, The Chic, and myself on Yellow Hill, with Topher on Mad Scientist, and Masse Masse(pronounced Massaaaaayyyy, Massaaaaaaayyyy), the Cupcakes call him,.... from Scientology back to the lot. He cleaned most of the climb,....I liked that effort at mile 30.
I'd like to report that Harlan placed second overall behind the Kid,.....on a singlespeed,....beaten by a mere 20 seconds.
I'd like to report that MKeeferKeefer was so strong, guys from the same team had to gang up on him.
I'd like to report that it was cool to see all the new and expecting dads racin'. Might have to think of some ways to bring the families up there.
I'd like to report that the race was soooo good and sooooo hard, it had fully grown men deliriously  crossing the finishing line exclaiming, "I wanna' be a Cupcake!"......surreal, a very weird way.

Speaking of which,....heard around the camp,....
"Did you see someone actually registered for this race as a Cupcake?"
"Define Cupcake."
And then the typical bickering began.

And finally, I'd like to report that I had such a good time, that I didn't leave the venue until 8:30!
Sat in the woods with the boys for a long time. It was good to catch up with my old roommate, the second half of the "Odd Couple" as we were called, Ralph Rueben Rick "World Class" Kline.

What a great race, It's hard to believe it isn't as big as some others out there.


Tomi said...

nice work you out of shape phuck.

regarding your 'what makes a 'cake?' query....(I missed most of that chat.) 8:30??!! dannng son...

simple answer is that if you have to ask,
then the answer is NO.

It's not a club one can join, it's more
of a dysfunctional tribal thing.

nathan shearer said...

thanks for reporting