Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stoopid is as Stoopid does. The race report.

Well,...the second goal of the year is done! That being said, I should have skipped the second goal just like I did the first! I struggle sometimes with this early season bs. I don't train for it,...JRA at whatever pace I like. But you know it's bad when guys at the finish line,....guys you normally beat, are riding well. In fact, they rode so well, and I rode so bad, they actually gave me a pity party,.....yes a pity party!
"How'd you do?"
"I finished."
"What was your time?"
"UHMMMMmmmmm" scratching my brain."
"I almost made it under 6 hours."
"AHHHHHHhh,.....that's okay man,...you'll do better next time."........they walk away, I find the keg.
I look at Pedro.
"Did you look at the people who beat us??"
He laughs.
As the comments began to fly, we concluded that we were beaten by everyone in the masters/soccer mom/Clydesdale's/tandem class,....and believe me,...there were people flying past us that would meet the full criteria for that category,....pretty bad!
Anyhow,...here is a pick,....I'm glad he chopped my head off!

And here is a pic,....compliments of Wrenchy, of what I have to get rid of in order to be competitive.

 But then again,...it is about time for a TSMBR!


BUCK said...

SOooooo sexy!

brett said...

dude, gotcha beat. if i signed up for clydesdale, there wouldn't be room for anyone else.

nathan shearer said...

sounds like the conversations I have after every race.

Todd said...

I said "screw being competitive" this year and asked for another beer.