Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Man Check.

Want to find out how much of a man you really are??
Roll across a nice grassy field(Rocky Ridge Heliport) on your IF96fitty,....nice and slow,...relaxing, was my first official day of summer break you know.
When you go to ride over a very thick stick, to suddenly realize that it squirms and rattles, you can't get your foot unclipped, and the alleged stick flips up over your back wheel,...well then,...that is a fine time for a man check!
If you squeal like Ned Beatty,...your walking a fine line between genders.
If you shrug it off like it was nuttin', are definitely on the male, macho, manful, manlike, manly, paternal, potent, and virile end of the spectrum.
As for me,.....well I had to look down my bibs to double check,.....seems I was walking that fine line.


Tomi said...

pics or it didn't happen.

Nevada said...

Good call Tomi!