Friday, June 24, 2011

Dogfish Head

"The specials tonight are...."
"Can I get a 90 minute?"
"Well,... we've got this new beer...."
"I'll just take a 90."
"This new beer has a slight hint of...."
"My foot up your arse??"
"...coconut and lemon."
Deep breath, Stell is breakin' down, me, she doesn't like crowds but can't have a 90 to soothe her soul.
"Can I get an apple juice for her too??"
"I'm sorry,...we are out of apple juice,...but we do have...."
Stell is now ready to rip his head off.
Waiter returns with lemonade and water, beer.
"Did you remember the 90??"...I begin sweating.
"The bar is really backed up right now. But let me tell you about the dinner specials."
Eyes blur,....head rolls back,....trying to find something in Baker-Miller Pink to calm me down.
Jack laughs,....not with me, but at me.....Unlike Stella, I don't get cuddled when I'm having a meltdown.
The 90 minute arrives.
Waiter turns his head just for a second, is gone!
"Uhhhh,...would you like another?"


camps said...

...and another please,
say the please

Nevada said...

Like the write up!

brett said...

you post some great conversational vignettes. very entertaining.