Monday, April 11, 2011

The Super Man Loop.

There are many different forms of it, but they all include Totem Pole, Teaberry, Old Forge, and Snowy Mountain. We hit it today.
All I can say is that there is definitely strength in numbers.
It's always amazing to see someone suffering off the back
You say,..." Just one more hill after this one."
The response is always the same,....
"Yeah man,..I'm in."
Ten people finished it together today in 4 hours and 40 minutes,...a time that includes all BS!
But the best part of the day, always the post ride tailgating!
Everything shared equally.
Strength in numbers. 10 people/1 fixie/ 5 SS's/ 1 South African Ho'cake/ 30 miles/ 4,000 ft going up/ BPP n/a but I know it was a double something we were sipping on,.....Ouch!/ too many good trains to count.


camps said...

i was so far out the back that you couldn't actually hear what I was saying.

the choice to finish Turtle was not regretted

studawg said...

Who is the South African Ho'cake you speak of?

Tractor said...

Churtle just returned from placing 7th?? in the Cape Epic Stage race. It is a huge event. Hocake is simply a southern recipe, disrespectin' Churtle,...just kinda funny.