Friday, January 28, 2011

It was a good day.

Got out with Jack yesterday for a little ski up to the rock spines on SG. Snow conditions were deep enough, but a bit warm and wet for good skiing. We huffed our way to the top.  It was beautiful to say the least. The big oaks were striped with snow pasted on their northern sides while all the pines were hunched over, sometimes arcing across the trail. The dog and I were both happy to be out again from a week long recovery from illness (me) and injury(her). It was especially nice to have Jack along again after we handed Stell over to the grandparents to drop her into a sugar induced movie coma.
Anyhow, we only skied for an hour and half before we got back to Whitey, we loaded Lola into the back and sat in the cab and had a beer and some pretzels, was really nice,......

And then the adventure really started!
You see, coming in was fairly easy,  sure the snow was wet, the kind Dubya' warned me about, but there was a nice little track from one other vehicle that had traveled High Rock. The only problem area was the sharp turn on the steep incline to the top of Green Ridge, it seems somebody had a little issue there. However, Whitey cruised it without a problem.
But things had changed,...
Snowmobiles ran the road while we were out skiing and took out any track from the trip in and created a deep, wet, scatter lined ride back to Teaberry.
Now Jack's got a buzz from "a" post-ski beer and is she's talking non stop,....I can't remember what she was saying but I'm sure it was all really important!
Meanwhile I'm all white knuckled with a numb head from my neck being so damn tense from my head being plastered to the windshield, cocked over the steering wheel,.....I am gripped!
Thoughts go through my head,...I don't want to end up like Larry! I wonder if Brett's home yet, would Lee's truck make it through? I don't want my dad to try this,...Who do I call?? Shit, where is my phone?  CannIgettasignal?
Jack's seems to be laughing and talking to herself,..but having fun apparently.
Whitey comes to a halt on the last steep section back towards Teaberry, we go!
I manage to back down the incline without chucking Whitey over the side.
Then I hammer it,...the truck direction determined by the mixed lines on the road,...
Jack; "Why are you driving so fast??"
Travis: "Mo!"
Jack: "Mo what??"
Travis: "Mo! Mo! Mo!"
Jack: "You better be careful."
Whitey meanders around the road, the harder I steer, the less it turns.
We come within inches of trees, cauldrons, gutters, overlooks, snow mobilers, and anything else along High Rock,  but we barely,...barely got back to Teaberry.
It's funny to talk about it now, but man,...while it was happening.
Based on a true story, with a little 1 beer BS thrown in.


Nevada said...

Good times!

I thought the 1 beer was BS. You do not drink beer...right?

The pic of the kids at the top of the page is great!

brett said...

Nice--been in a few of those situs--in Tioga county of all places! Need to ski locallie....

camps said...

Mo is your friend
and so is Lee's phone#