Wednesday, December 1, 2010

That was one crazy storm!

A field beyond our house.

As always the greenhouse shot.

and of course the Lola shot.
Everything from downpours, to thunderstorms, to tornadoes, to wind gusts, to ice, to snow,.... the east coast got clobbered by this mid-latitude cyclone! From the images I saw today, I wish I could have witnessed it coming through last night.... Now, to check that White Grass site!.....
Been talking about the different air masses with the kids since the beginning of the school year, but they don't pay attention until the big storms hit! I showed them the current surface temperature maps,...they started to get the point! Temps in the fifties and sixties all along the east coast up to northern New York with the biggest differences around us. Mid sixties on the warm side of the front and mid 30's on the other side equate to tornado watches throughout the morning. I refreshed them on the drill, they were dead silent. Seems more tornadoes are making their way our direction....Climate change. Think/reflect on the past versus the now. Don't ever remember doing tornado drills as a kid.....

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brett said...

dude, that climate change junk is all malarkey. it's a conspiracy.