Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Short Version of the Superman Loop

Roughly 28 miles and 3,300 ft of climbing in about 3 and 1 half hours of riding.  Somehow or another, Three Stooges, Stick, Rocky Ridge, Mackey, Rattle Dick, Deer Lick Chute, and all of Sucker Punch have to be incorporated into the loop if we want to equal last year's ride.
Virginia, Sidewinder, Oak and Southern Gas, would be welcome but death defying additions to better it.
The biggest question is when. By this time last year, we had already conquered the Superman Loop. However, the ultimate goal is the Kryptonite Loop,....all of the above plus the majority of the summer Curse of Dark Hollow,...
You followin'?? Possible by mortals?? I ain't Harlan,...and he sure as hell ain't me! Small head counts on Cupcake rides make anything possible.


Nevada said...

It always comes back to time. Where does the time go?

brett said...

mightily impressive.