Monday, June 7, 2010

Needing a little sumpin' different??

I love those Camp Trails,...every last one of them,.....seems everyone else does too,..quite the social gathering. Those pleasurable meetings of different groups of riders is always good for a laugh or a bash especially when those Cupcakes are involved.,...but this ain't about that.
You see,...Buck and I skipped the Camp Trails for the first in time in a long while and went up to the Mad Scientist's place, ....and the first half,...well,'s money baby! You talk about flow, flurry, and fluency,...well, Buck gave me a lesson in all three and I love him for it. I'm goin' back though, cause you see,...if you want to be Superman you have to learn to fly, and judging by my last droppings from Buck and B. Weiser, it just so happens I got some learnin' to do. As Buck says, the fly will come with the fitness,....but why's it always so damn hard for me to let go?
I figure it's the lack of train,.....not the lack of training that's holding me back,...but it's coming. Low head counts allow for the consistent pace and grueling marches that enhance this sort of thing whether its Doc and Pedro pressing the buttons on the Blue Blaze, Buck hitting me with a sledge on the Mad Man's trail, or Brett accelerating away at 9.8 m/s to the second power on a trail I've ridden a thousand times. Anyhow, I've grown a bit too used to the slow moving trails of the South,...but there is some speed there now,...we'll see.
So the point,...go ride the Mad Scientist trail, it's good, good as it gets.

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