Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tomorrow's Agenda

Climb Rattlesnake to the powerlines and then it starts.

Rattle Dick
Deer Lick Chute
Upper Sucker Punch
High Rock Road to the top
Southern Gas
Lower Sucker Punch
Beer at the bottom! Creek side.
I hope everyone brings their meat!


brett said...

sounds like a great loop.

BUCK said...

How it actually went" DOWN". Cold, windy, slow,uphill start. Then rode bumpy stumble rocks interstrewn with dish sponge soft singletrack. Until the middle of Suckerpunch?? Where I got punched in the nose, knee, and chest. Guess that makes me the sucker. Doc checked me out and then promptly left for his mountain lair. Pedro Tractor and a wounded Buck pushed on to the finish.

So when Tractor says, "I only have three hours in me." That means he can shred the hardest stuff in the forrest for three hours and look fresh as a daisy at he end. Although He's a little squeamish when it comes to cleaning out my wounds. Thanks for the boogie towel, I'll wash it today. It will be a long time before I drive a half an hour past lots of flowable trails to get my teeth kicked in. Four weeks or so, I guess.

camps said...

Damn, Travy been taking all that rage out on you? I only had 1.5 hours to ride yesterday AM (had to be home by 0930), so I rode the flowy Mont Alto trails before they're all logged out. I thought about you peeps and the gnar you'd be enjoying while I buffed along. I thought about the nice, dense concentration of trails near Mont Alto, and of the new dense concentration along Rattlesnake and High Rock.

brett said...

still sounds like a great loop. heal up!

Travis said...

Tough conditions out in that neck of the woods. Down trees, limbs, and random sticks with rocks buried beneath several inches of leaves on already tough trails made for a good beat down.
My students were snapping their fingers in front of my face to try and get my attention yesterday. I am mentally drained after that ride.