Monday, May 17, 2010

Plant Sale

Jack to Travis: "Can you help me??"
Travis to Jack: "Sure." twiddling my thumbs already at 6 in the A.M.
Jack to Travis: "Can you laminate this stack of signs for the plant sale?"
Travis to Jack: "You mean wrappem' in plastic, keepum' safe and all??"
Jack to Travis: "Will you be serious??"
Travis to Jack, and I quote: "I am being serious."
Jack to Travis: "First you cut out eeeeeeach sign, niiiiice and evenly, then you..."
Travis to Jack: "You gotta' paper cutter??"
Jack to Travis: "N-" interrupted;
"I know we have a paper cutter around here somewhere."
Jack to Travis: "Just start cutting out signs and I'll go find the paper cutter!!!!!"
Travis to Jack: "I know we have a paper cutter around here somewhere!", ripping the kitchen to pieces, "Jack, where's the paper cutter??"
Jack to Travis: "Here's the damn paper cutter!"
Travis to Jack, and I again quote: "Good!"

Travis to Jack once more: "Well,... it doesn't work right!"
Jack to Travis: "You have to pull it towards you as you cut the paper"
Travis to Jack: "You gotta be f#%*ing  kidding me!"...not 6:30 yet...."What the hell are we sellin' here anyway??"... I say in my best Shakespearean redneck roofer tone,
Travis to Jack,  taking my fair share of pulls: "You growin' pansies?"
Jack to Travis: "Will you shut up?"
Travis to Jack: "Your not giving my beer away are you?"
Jack to Travis: "What are you talking about????"...."I'll be in the garden if anyone shows up,....don't come out until you're finished!"
Travis to Jack; "Okay."
I sit and frolic around the kitchen,....sippin' on some Sumatra/chocolate milk combo.

Based on a true story with slight exaggerations.


brett said...

yeah! sumatra!

sounds like the two of us sometimes. too funny.

The Wiser Weiser said...

Yeah, i was just gonna say that...

Travis to Jack: "Your not giving my beer away are you?"

That's something Brett would say!

BUCK said...

I don't know what you're talking about. It is always peaceful and tranquil here in Camp Hill.

Travis said...

There's a whollatta' bs in that story. I just thought it was kinda funny. Exaggeration makes the world seem like such a bigger and better place!