Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pie over Petrol.

It's time to figure out a way for more people to make this happen. The most common misconception is that you have to do it every day. You don't! Here are some suggestions.
  • Drive on Mondays stocking up supplies and clothes for the rest of the week. Ride the rest of the week! Stick your head under a water faucet when you get to work like I do!
  • Leave your car at work, ride home and then back the next morning.....yes I know it's early but it will soon become your favorite time of the day!
  • Start by doing a day at a time. Don't start all once. 
What are you afraid of?
  • A clean sweat won't stink unless you go heavy on the garlic!
  • Yes the cars are dangerous! However the more regular you are, the more respect the drivers will give you. I try and ride a similar route daily so that people recognize me!
  • Follow the white line closely! Rush hour is NO time to fight for your right to a third of the lane. You won't win!
  • Wave to people when they give you respect. Wave to people when they can come by. Wave to people for the hell of it! It's just nice. Then they will see a person, not an object. Let them know that you know, they are there and waiting somewhat patiently.
  • Can't be seen? Never leave home without a flashing red light clipped on your back...that is to say, if you are too cool for old school reflectors. Don't forget the headlight so you can see yourself!
Save gas money? Another fallacy! You will eat any savings away. That being said I much prefer more pie over petrol!

 One last thought. If you give it a shot, be safe the best way you know how.  No man or machine is invincible during rush hour.


The Wiser Weiser said...

I wish i could make it work! It would take me 3 hours one way! ;)

Nevada said...

Great post!

Travis said...

Donna, 3 hours is nothing for you! should do it!