Thursday, April 22, 2010

Southy and the Dacks

Damn!... Every time I go for a ride with one of the boys from the ‘Dacks, I remember why it is I like a bike so much. You see…B doesn’t ride but once a year. His life of running a successful business building small, efficient, Adirondack style houses and raising two kids, combined with his constant search for lunkers, doesn’t really allow him the time to become super fit and fluent on a bike. So when he finally comes to town,…once a year,… I beg borrow,  and/or steal a bike just so we can kick out a short  ride.
You see,… B doesn’t care about the differences in our abilities. He figures it paybacks the time of him untangling my lines and giving free advice to a tippet-tangler, wannabe pseudo trout fisherman. Hell, I’m not even suited for a string and a worm,….let alone a bob aka a “strike indicator.”
You see,…
I loose track of B every once in a while,…..I get lost in my own thoughts and feelings,….skeletons in my closet you know,…. I mean,…not like Ricky Martin or anything, but I just kinda’ like my thoughts rollin’ along on the trail. That is until I hear an OOOOOOOUUUUGHHHHH!!!!!!,….and then a clank and a bang that follows in consecutive order. That’s when I remember to stop and wait. So when I do finally turn around to see the damage and/or the Saturday morning dawn patrol yard sale, my boy reminds me why it is I like him so much,…I mean,…. not like Ricky Martin or anything, but I just admire the guy.
You see,…he can’t see me standing there watchin’ cause he thinks I’m too far up the trail. So he just kinda’ gets up,… takes a glance around,…. wipes his knees,…. picks up the Mule’s bike (borrowed, begged for, and stolen)….. and starts walkin’ back in the opposite direction???  WTF?...OMG? …Now without him knowin’ I’m watchin, he takes his time remounting, and gives it a second shot,…yard sale,…and a third ,….yard sale....a fourth, guessed it….etc. SOOOOOO when he finally looks up from the big pile of loam, porphyritically textured with sharp bits of rock,…well,…he simply says,…”What are you doin’?”….and I say,…”Well,…just waitin’ on you.”….. and he says,..and I know your enjoying this highly intellectual conversation,….”Just let me try it one more time.”….and I say,….”Did you remember to put beer in the truck?”,….an he says,...“Yup.”…And I say “You didn’t grab all that Corona shit did you??”….and he says,…and I quote,….. “Nope.”….and I say,…..”Good.”
Keep the chamois side in,
Story is based on a true ride. See photos below.


brett said...

you seem strangely obsessed with ricky martin.

Todd said...

and the rubber side down, unless you're one of those "x-game" types.

As long as there was a cooler full of beer, it's all good.........

You gonna be at the Maximus this year?

Travis said...

Yes, Hope to be the one passing out brews!

Todd said...

nice, save one for me. i may be a little further back in the pack this year. the epic winter and now trailwork have conspired against my over-all spring time fitness. that, and bacon. ;)