Monday, March 29, 2010

Heavy Hit. Down but Not Out.

We've been taking  a few heavy hits lately. Jack just lost her plants after a a cold clear night when the max/min thermometer hit 25 degrees and water in the line shut off the furnace in the greenhouse.  We then got a nice complimentary letter in the mail about a health department official that read an article on Jack's milk delivery in the Carroll County Times which basically said... Nice article. What you are doing is illegal..... I guess your not aloud to distribute milk in the middle of winter without a refrigerated truck??,...and with the beginning of spring, coolers aren't allowed either?? Oh the irony, was a supplementary article for people making twice the amount of income as us. Therefore, we never even saw the article until a few friends who read it thought we might like an extra copy.  Did I mention the milk arrived from Trickling Springs right before we received the letter??? The walk-in fridge is full of dairy, so if you need some stuff soon, check Jack's email from her link on the blog. Don't hesitate. Jack is as quality oriented as it gets.
And as if things couldn't get any worse,...Ricky Martin is gay!....Damn,....I can't believe a redneck like myself couldn't figure that out 10 years ago,... Did they need a reliable source???...I coulda' told them. The Tractor stated today,..."Yup, he is." this news? This has just left the general public feeling as if they have been blind-sided,....bush-whacked,...sucker-punched,....and of course bitch-slapped. I wish him well in his gay apparel, fa-la-la, fa-la-la, la, la, la. Why couldn't he bust outta' the closet doors?? He's got to be kickin' himself in that ass of his as we all comment..."We already knew!"
(Editor's Note: That's not anti-gay,...that's a good, solid, "Who gives a shit!")


Nevada said...

Travis - sorry to hear that. It is good to see you still have your sense of humor in your post. How soon does the milk need to be used up? With the distance to your place I am not sure how soon I could get some. I can email Jackie if needed to ask.

Travis said...

That stuff has a two week shelf life and it's the best milk you can get around here that is legal.
More importantly,..
What the hell happened to you? Are you alright? I am still hiking due to some random injury so if you can't ride but can walk and want to get out, let me know.

brett said...

dang the man. i edited that since this is a family blog after all. the institution will always be against those who are trying to find a better way that doesn't fit into its model. sorry to hear about your plants--hope she can get another batch started ASAP!

Nevada said...

Where is best to pick up milk? Your place?

Brief version - going fast downhill. Came to a section where someone was stopped in the middle of the trail. Overuse of front brake, broken helmet, according to the MRI compressed and fractured disc in my back along with a bruised spine. Look at me having a negative impact to the health care costs in this country.

I am itching to get out and do something that would be great. I am not to mt bike til it heals.