Wednesday, February 3, 2010

McMillar, You could be on to something.

I'm just gonna gamble and say a bit more snow for our area this weekend. BW1 < 3, TMPac.Storm coming, Tractor3+, enter your 4castincodeLC.


brett said...

Southern Gas
better keep your snow
Don't forget
we want to ski the flow
Southern change
gonna come at last
Then your lines
will be riding fast
Southern Gas

camps said...

I forecast happy smiles on the local ridges, at WG, and the Fiddle all weekend

Travis said...

This is gonna be a big one. The least is 12 but the most is for 26" I didn't see or hear a forecast before today. Awesome. Have fun in WG and the fiddle. Very envious.
Brett,..thanks, that tune is now stuck in my head too.