Friday, February 5, 2010

The Beauty of High Pressure.

Sure, the low pressure system gets all the credit, whether it be a Nor'easter or a typical mid latitude cyclone, but its the High pressure system that's the humble but strong backbone to the storm. This map tells a lot, as LC stated earlier, there is a wholotta green in that blob,....hence the beauty of the high pressure. In case you haven't noticed, or have been tunnel visioned by the storm, that high pressure over Pee-Yay and MD hasn't moved since Tuesday,...beautiful, clear, bold, and cold. Its the icing on the cake. It's a ramp so to speak. With temps hovering above freezing, it lifts the air up to its dew point. As it cools from 35 to 31 degrees it condenses, or actually freezes directly to a snowflake, which allows the storm, that otherwise would simply be a 2 to 3" rain storm to become a 20-30" snow system. Sure, it will be a wet snow for a while, but in a few more hours, as the temps drop below freezing, it will be blizzard like conditions,...that is to say 35mph gusts with 1/4 mile visibility for a long period of time. So sit tight tonight, enjoy a warm fire and a glass of vino, but break out those skis and enjoy everything El Nino has to offer when the snow stops about 5 in the p.m. tomorrow!

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