Monday, January 18, 2010

Southern Gas

It was a good weekend,...really nice,...and that includes the rainy Sunday. I spent each morning trying to get a grip on what would become "Southern Gas". This is really hilarious because out of the countless hours spent trying to find a nice line along a beautiful little crag I refer to as "Fern Rock", Southern Gas is now officially reduced to a pseudo-singletrack line that follows an old logging road up the most doable grade. It should resemble the double track right at the entrance of Rocky Ridge just off the heliport,...I can live with that. The goal has always been to find a very climbable way back to Teaberry and I honestly think it is doable via this track. It will just take clearing out some down trees and a line to establish so it "appears" to be single track.

Fern Rock has given way to moss and lichen for the winter. I probably won't be visiting this place again anytime soon. The steepness of the slope just past the outcrop was just too much,...maybe fitty yards of trail?
That's another tough spot,...right there,...above Chicken's head, this was the only spot to cross a gully with walls of scree.
I was a little shocked by the amount of snow on High Rock,...
compared to Rattlesnake. I wonder if Mackey is clear?

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brett said...

you are getting some really nice shots lately.