Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Classic Nor'easter

This storm was born and bred in the gulf, a bit lower than the normal spot in northern Texas. The westerlies will shove it our direction and right up the coast. The slight counterclockwise rotation of the mid latitude cyclone will be pulling some extra moisture off the Atlantic with some help of the north easterly winds generated by the storm. I got my students this time. Chalk one up for the teacher boy. I called it yesterday morning! Who needs a computer model!
(Editors Note: The score is one to one,....I called a two hour delay when we were supposed to get some freezing rain last week! I was barely wrong.)


Tomi said...

what about the one that's been popping up in the models for Christmas? bring it!

brett said...

I was watching that blob in the Gulf yesterday, too. I'm hoping riding is OUT of the picture for Sunday and XC skiing or snowshoeing is IN!

camps said...

We're all hopin', and even the FIS Wx geeks and the models are sayin' sumthin,

Looking at the current version of that same map right now shows big ugly green to the south and pink to our NW. Hard to believe it's gonna change to all white today. If it does, tough choices for me this weekend.

brett said...

how is that different from any other weekend?