Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feeling Bad for Mom

Friday is always crunch time for Jack and this weekend is no different. Usually I am extremely jealous of what she does for a living but every once in a while, this weekend, I'm happy to be the one on parent duty. As Stella and I are making our rounds to the shop, and Granny C's, Jack is out in forty degree rainy weather washing vegetables in cold water. I get home to find here out at the washing station, hands wrapped around a probably now cold mug of tea, conducting every last little bit of heat into her frozen hands. As a cyclist, I am all too familiar with that type of weather, because as rounded as a water droplet's shape can be, a perfectly harmless appearance, I know that at 40 degrees, it will cut through you like a knife.
So she was off to the market this morning at 7 am with just the bare necessities,...the big red truck, to keep her warm and travel through any weather, dairy and CSA pick-ups, and the coffee maker with plenty of Dean's Beans to warm-up the vendors,...cause nobody else is going to be there.

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